Why Vacant Properties Don’t Sell

Every Realtor and Stager knows that vacant properties are difficult to sell and they tend to get over-scrutinized by buyers. In the absence of furniture and decorating, an empty house or room tend to draw the viewer’s attention to its inherent flaws and the prospect of an uncertain layout.

An empty home has no story, it has no personal touch. Without a story, a vacant property is emotionally unappealing to viewers. It takes more than a few minutes of the home buyer’s fertile imagination to put life in to a property without furnishings. Stagers who create lifestyle in vacant homes are good at injecting warmth and personality to an empty space. With limited time and budget they create miracles, they give the home a story.

Many newly-constructed luxury homes take months to sell even after the builder has poured hundreds and thousands of dollars into the construction, using the best craftsmanship and materials. In my work as a Home Stager I see this everyday. Experienced builders nowadays put aside a staging budget because they have found out, the hard way, that all their investment and effort can go to complete waste without the finishing touch of staging it.

Staging vacant homes can be an expensive proposition but furniture rental companies make it much easier for owners of vacant homes to rent furniture and furnishings instead of purchasing them. It is very important to remember that the style and condition of the furniture and decorative items can make or break the deal. It is better to find out what the right look is before heading out to the rental store. The best way to ensure a showstopping presentation is to hire a professional stager solid experience staging vacant properties. Their portfolio should prove their credentials; make sure the photos are examples of their own work and are not stock photos.

It is possible for you, the home seller, to stage your own vacant property, but you have to know what to rent (or buy) to furnish the home and what to avoid. The overall look of a well-staged property is not the same as a personal living space. Model homes and staged properties are furnished and decorated with mass appeal in mind. A well-staged home is neutral yet exciting. This is key to making every buyer feel like they can make the home their own with maybe a few little changes. The deal feels within reach, the house looks liked it is already lived-in and this sense of certainty a buyer feels usually brings in the right offers.

You may be the buyer looking at a vacant property and want to decorate your own way, but the fact is, it is far easier to start from an existing layout a than a blank slate. This is why builders always create a model home because they know from experience that furnished and decorated homes have an unmistakable advantage over vacant houses.