Staging Your Bed For Home Selling Success

As you plan your staging strategies for your bedrooms, the main focal point of the area should be the bed. It is okay to accessorize or deck out your bedroom with great window treatments, creative light fixtures, and other nice touches and d├ęcor, but the center of a bedroom should always be the bed. As such, it should be accorded the most attention and detail, because it has a lot of potential to either make or break the ambiance that you want to achieve in your bedroom.

Go all the way

According to Alex Newman, author of Hot Property: Easy Home Staging to Sell Your House for More Money in Any Market, a professionally-made and creatively decorated bed has much to offer. “The more beautiful and lavish, the more people will be stopped in their tracks,” she says. The perfect bed starts with clean, crisp linen and sheets that complement with the overall color scheme or theme of the bedroom.

A luxurious-looking bed does not necessarily mean one that costs you everything you have in your bank account. Web retailers offer great prices on linen, pillows, and other bed trimmings so you can get the look that you want for your bed at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that any bed sheets, blankets, duvets and accessories that you buy for your staging needs can be brought with you to your new house, so you are making an investment for the future at the same time.

Be generous with pillows

Big fluffy pillows make the bed look more inviting and enjoyable. You can use pillows of different sizes and shapes, and set them up against the wall or headboard or laid flat across the bed. Try not to put too many pillows however; too much can be distracting or make the bed seem cluttered, so just make sure to put the right number and size of pillows appropriate for your bed space.

Canopy beds, sleigh beds, adjustable beds

If you can work it into your budget, consider buying a new bed that would blend in with your staging plans. Canopy and sleigh beds are some of the more common bed designs, and you can easily find both traditional and contemporary styles of each. If you have a small bedroom area, adjustable beds are also a convenient option. A generally more expensive, time-consuming, but dramatic option is loft beds; they are great for small bedrooms as they maximize space while utilizing modern design trends.